PDC Straw Reaper

Special Features
With three fans 61" reaper works two times better than any other reaper.
It makes straw of two acers in an hour.
Straw reaper is available in four different sizes.
- 46 Inch
- 51 Inch
- 56 Inch
- 61 Inch
Tested & Approved by Govt. of India

Technical Specifications
Fan Double, Triple
Harvesting Blade 354
Speed / Height Mechanical
Bearing UCF 211N, 210N, 206N
Wheel Size 700-19
Joke Lock System
Shaft 62MM, 57MM, 57MM
Per Hour Two Trollies
Required HP Tractor 35BHP and above
Weight 1900Kg
Wheat Tank Capacity 40Kg
Warranty One Season
Model 652

NOTE: Technical Specifications and Colors of the Products can be changed without any prior notice.